Prevention Services

The Beyond Identities Community Center

Founded in April of 2004, the Beyond Identities Community Center has been a safe haven for over 2,500 LGBTQ youth of color in the Greater Cleveland-area. Envisioned as a community drop-in center, BICC has featured programming addressing the sexual, mental and emotional health needs of this highly vulnerable population while also remaining committed to developing and providing solutions to combat the persistent educational, housing, financial and nutritional needs that often affects the sexual minority youth community.

Connections Creating Change (C3) Research Project

The Connection Creating Change, or C3, project began in 2011 with a partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin. The first iteration of this program saw the ATGC engaging with local Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) of color to discover what strategies they personally used to reduce their risk for acquiring HIV and how these strategies impacted their access and outcomes with local medical institutions.

Renewed in 2016, the new research project aims to learn about the same population’s knowledge of cutting-edge HIV prevention strategies such as PrEP and improve the adoption of these resources across the community.

Brothers Health Connection

Mobile Testing

AHF Wellness Clinic